More peace of mind

Safety for all occupants was a priority for our designers, knowing many families would choose the Sportage.

Multi-Collision Braking (MCB)

The Multi-Collision Braking system helps to reduce the danger of secondary collisions by automatically applying the brakes once the airbags have been deployed after an initial impact.

Lane Follow Assist (LFA) & Lane Keep Assist (LKA)

Lane Follow Assist controls acceleration, braking and steering depending on the movement of vehicles in front of the Sportage. The system operates between speeds of 0 and 180km/h using camera and radar sensors to maintain a safe distance from the preceding vehicle, while monitoring lane markings to keep the Sportage in the centre of its lane of travel.

Seven airbags with front centre-side airbag

The new Sportage comes with seven airbags, including one in the left side bolster of the driver's seat, designed to prevent the driver and front passenger's heads coming into contact during a collision.

Rear Occupant Alert (ROA)

Rear Occupant Alert uses ultrasonic sensors inside the vehicle to detect passengers (or pets) located in the second and third row seats, alerting the driver before leaving the vehicle. The system issues three separate warnings to help prevent passengers, such as small children, from being left behind in the vehicle.

Safe Exit Assist (SEA)

Safe Exit Assist prevents the rear doors opening if the system detects a hazard approaching from behind the vehicle, such as a cyclist or another vehicle.

Luxury takes on new dimensions

Here you will find boldness, innovation, and individuality as well as the meticulous craftsmanship and premium materials that define a luxury vehicle.

5 Seats

All new Sportage models feature 5 seats, giving you numerous seating and cargo combinations for a perfect balance of passenger comfort and practicality.

Integrated Display Screen

This houses a high-tech 12.3-inch touchscreen, complementing an equally dramatic 12.3-inch instrument cluster with incredibly precise and clear graphics.

Remote Folding 2nd Row Seats

Controls in the side wall of the cargo area allow the second row seat backs to be folded remotely at the touch of a button.

Cargo Capacity

The Sportage is ready to take the family on holiday with an impressive 543 litres of cargo space in the rear of the cabin. This is 77 litres more than the previous Sportage.

A visual tour-de-force

The Sportage is a bold departure from its predecessors, reflecting Kia’s new design ethos where the natural world and modern aesthetics come together to inspire its exterior appearance.

Dynamic and Assertive

Taut, crisp lines ripple along the clean, refined body to give Sportage a dynamic, assertive stance. The whole look is lean and muscular, hinting at the power and agility beneath the sculpted body.

Refined Tiger Nose Grille

A completely new iteration Kia’s tiger nose grille sits between futuristic boomerang-shaped LED daylight running lamps, which in turn cradle striking Matrix LED headlamps. LED front fog lamps complete this impressive array.

Rear Styling

The sporting profile highlights the architecturally dynamic C Pillar. The chrome beltline emphasises the vehicle’s SUV credentials.

Striking Road Presence

With its sweeping fastback design that flows into razor-shaped rear lamps, the vehicle features an impressive, wide appearance from the back.

Technology that’s one step ahead

The first time you get into your new Sportage, you’ll know you’re in one of the most technologically advanced SUV’s currently available.

Newly designed infotainment system

The star of the show is the 12.3-inch navigation infotainment screen and equally impressive 12.3-inch LCD Instrument Cluster, which incorporating a 4.2-inch panel for important vehicle and driving information.

Ultimate comfort

You’re also in full command of your comfort, with a power drivers’ seat, and heated front seats for those cold mornings. Power windows feature auto up and down for the driver.

Smart Power Tailgate

When you open your tailgate, it will only lift to the height at which you have set it, a useful feature for those with low clearance in their garage or parking building.

Wireless Smartphone Charger (Qi)

Easily charge a compatible smartphone while you're on the go using the wireless smartphone charging pad at the front of the centre console. The centre console tray will also alert you if you leave your phone behind when exiting the vehicle.

Around-View Monitor

This intuitive system combines four wide-angle images from cameras at the front, rear and sides of Sportage X-Line models to give you a bird’s eye view of your surroundings while parking or moving at speeds below 20km/h.

Hybrid economy

With Kia's parallel hybrid powertrain as an option, Sportage is capable of delivering 169kw/350Nm while using as little as 5.4L of fuel per 100kms (WLTP) 

The ride of your life

The Sportage embraces the latest powertrain technologies including Kia's Smartstream™ Hybrid, making it one of the most efficient and eco-friendly SUVs on the road.

Engine efficiency

The 1.6 litre T-GDI engine limits fuel consumption through a new, optimised combustion process and breakthrough cooling technologies. Meanwhile, the 2.0 litre, four-cylinder turbo diesel engine features an array of sophisticated technologies to reduce emissions and improve real-world fuel efficiency. The Smartstream™ Hybrid tops the list outputting 169kW and 350Nm while sipping only 5.4L of fuel per 100kms (WLTP mixed cycle) 

Smooth-shifting transmissions

The 1.6L turbo petrol engine is paired with a 7-speed dual clutch auto (7DCT), while the 2.0L petrol engine offers a 6-speed auto. An 8-speed auto serves the 2.0L diesel engine.

Terrain Mode

Terrain Mode is designed to make outdoor adventure more sure-footed and comfortable. Terrain Mode does this by automatically adjusting the drive settings (including the suspension setting) to the nature of the surface or prevailing conditions. Mud, sand, or snow – to name only a few – can all be negotiated with ease.