A new generation of safety technology

The 2021 Sorento introduces safety technology that not only thinks ahead, it actually looks around corners for you. 

Blind Spot View Monitor

The innovative Blind Spot View Monitor display enhances the driver's rearward vision by showing you a high resolution live video feed on the left or right side of the digital dashboard if you indicate a turn or lane change.

Available on Deluxe and Premium models.


Remote Smart Parking Assist

Remote Smart Parking Assist enables you to move the Sorento autonomously out of a front or rear parking space remotely using the key fob, making it easier and safer to get in and out of the vehicle in tight parking spaces.

Available on Premium models.

Head Up Display

The new Sorento features an 8.5" Head Up Display, which projects information in the instrument cluster onto the base of the windscreen, allowing you to see driving information without taking your eyes off the road.

Available on EX, Deluxe and Premium models.

Forward Collision Avoidance Assist (FCA)

Forward Collision Avoidance Assist with Junction View is the latest development of this technology. In addition to vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist detection, the system now also detects other road users on more acute angles, such as at an intersection, helping the driver safely navigate through, and applying the brakes if it detects danger.

Rear Occupant Alert

Rear Occupant Alert uses ultrasonic sensors inside the vehicle to detect passengers (or pets) located in the second and third row seats, alerting the driver before leaving the vehicle. The system issues three separate warnings to help prevent passengers, such as small children, from being left behind in the vehicle.

Available on Deluxe and Premium models.

Safe Exit Assist

Safe Exit Assist prevents the rear doors opening if the system detects a hazard approaching from behind the vehicle, such as a cyclist or another vehicle.

Lane Follow Assist

Lane Follow Assist controls acceleration, braking and steering depending on the movement of vehicles in front of the Sorento. The system operates between speeds of 0 and 180km/h using camera and radar sensors to maintain a safe distance from the preceding vehicle, while monitoring lane markings to keep the Sorento in the centre of its lane of travel.

Multi-Collision Braking

The Multi-Collision Braking system helps to reduce the danger of secondary collisions by automatically applying the brakes once the airbags have been deployed after an initial impact.

Seven airbags with front centre-side airbag

New Sorento comes with seven airbags, including one in the left side bolster of the driver's seat, designed to prevent the driver and front passenger's heads coming into contact during a collision - another first for a vehicle in this segment.

Optimum comfort
and flexibility

Welcoming and luxurious on one hand, the cabin is also highly functional, enhancing the driver and passenger experience.


Seven seats

All new Sorento models feature 7 seats, giving you numerous seating and cargo combinations for a perfect balance of passenger comfort and practicality. The second row seats automatically fold & slide at the touch of a button to allow easy access for third row passengers.

10.25” colour LCD touchscreen

Easy to read and operate, the vivid 'floating' 10.25 inch colour LCD touch screen combines important vehicle information with controls that can play audio files from connected devices.

Luggage capacity

The new Sorento has one of the largest luggage capacities in it's class, up to 2,011 litres! The increased cargo space swallows up surf boards, fishing gear, golf clubs and everything else for a great getaway.

Remote folding rear seats

Controls in the side wall of the cargo area allow the second row seat backs to be folded remotely at the touch of a button.

Mood lighting

Soft, ambient downlighting is emitted from beneath the dashboard and door trim. Choose from one of seven pre-set core colours or from the full range of 64 colours.

Available on Deluxe and Premium models.

7x USB charging ports

Deluxe and Premium models offer all seven occupants the ability to keep their mobile devices charged thanks to 7x charging points in the first, second and third rows, as well as 2x 12v power outlets.

12.3" digital supervision cluster

A new 12.3" high resolution digital supervision cluster displays key trip information with absolute clarity.

Available on Deluxe and Premium models.

Design excellence in every detail

Athletic and dynamic, the new Sorento immediately grabs you with its elongated, sculpted silhouette and purposeful stance.

Refined boldness

Built on an all-new platform and with an unmistakably athletic profile, the 2021 Sorento rewrites SUV style.

Dual LED headlights with Cornering Headlight Control

To improve nighttime driving visibility, this system aims and controls the distribution of low beam as the Sorento drives through corners in proportion to the turning angle.

Available on  Premium model.

Panoramic sunroof

A new dual-pane panoramic sunroof lightens the interior and is perfect for those sunny beachside days.

Available on Premium model.

Tiger nose grille

The latest interpretation of the iconic Kia Tiger Nose grille is the most incisive and powerful yet, displaying a wider shape that organically wraps around integrated headlights on each side.

Alloy wheels

Sorento offers new 17-, 18- and 19-inch aluminium alloy wheels, along with 20-inch alloy wheels available for the first time on Premium models.

Intelligent interactivity

The new Sorento features the latest connectivity and infotainment technology, enhanced by superior ergonomics and a more intuitive user experience. It’s driving enjoyment made easy.

Around-view monitor

This intuitive system combines four wide-angle images from cameras at the front, rear and sides of the Sorento Premium to give you a bird’s eye view of your surroundings while parking or moving at speeds below 20km/h.

Available on Deluxe and Premium models.

BOSE® Premium sound system

Deluxe and Premium models are equipped with a powerful BOSE® 12-speaker premium surround-sound system, delivering a more immersive in-car audio experience.

Available on Deluxe and Premium models

Wireless smartphone charger

Easily charge a compatible smartphone while you're on the go using the wireless smartphone charging pad at the front of the centre console. The centre console tray will also alert you if you leave your phone behind when exiting the vehicle.

Works with Qi compatible devices only.

Height adjustable smart power tailgate

The rear tailgate opens automatically when the smart key is detected for 3 seconds or more, and closes with a simple push of a button. Your preferred opening height can also be set and stored in memory.

Available on Deluxe and Premium models.

Gear changing that's life changing

Whether you're cruising the highway, negotiating rush hour traffic, or in the twisty backroads, Sorento will be as relaxed or responsive as you want it to be.

8-speed Wet Dual-Clutch transmission

In a segment first, the new Sorento introduces a brand new wet double-clutch automatic transmission that makes gear changes silky smooth, improves performance and reduces fuel consumption.

2.2L CRDi turbo diesel

The 2.2L CRDi turbo diesel engine now features a new engine block made exclusively from aluminum saving 19.5kgs from the block itself and 38.2kgs overall. This reduction in engine weight improves handling and saves fuel. 

Terrain mode system

The 2021 Sorento features a new terrain mode, which enables the driver to select the most appropriate setting for the terrain, allowing the vehicle to self-adjust parameters such as stability and traction control, engine response and AWD torque to suit.

2,500kg Tow rating

The 2021 Sorento tow rating has been increased by 25% from the previous model. The maximum braked tow rating is now 2,500kgs allowing a far broader range of towing options.