Designed to protect

From head to toe, the Seltos makes extensive use of advanced high strength steel (AHSS) throughout its well-reinforced chassis design. The result is exemplary control, dynamic performance, and enhanced occupant protection.

Blind Spot Detection

The system detects approaching vehicles within a distance of up to 70 meters and warns you when they enter your blind spot zone, and that it may be dangerous to change lanes.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When backing out of a parking spot or driveway, the system warns the driver if it detects any cross traffic in the direction the vehicle is heading.

Lane Departure Warning System

The system detects the lane you’re in and informs the driver with a visual cue and a warning sound when the vehicle begins to drift outside of its lane, without the driver indicating.

Reversing camera & parking sensors

Know exactly what's behind you by using the full-colour rearview camera with dynamic guidelines as your trusted guide, combined with parking sensors.

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Using radar and/or camera data, the Seltos senses the potential for a collision with a pedestrian or car and applies emergency braking to avoid or reduce the effects of a collision.


Driver Attention Warning

The driver attention warning monitors the driver and will give warning signals to encourage the driver to take a break if it senses the driver's attention level has been significantly reduced.

Elegant & comfortable

The spacious and welcoming interior combines a simple, intelligent driver interface with firm yet comfortable seating and tasteful appointments for everyone inside.

Supervision cluster

The 7-inch TFT LCD supervision cluster helps you stay focused and informed, with data like remaining distance to empty
and fuel consumption, navigation cues, and outside temperature.

Available on Limited models.  

Luggage capacity

The luggage board of the roomy cargo space can be set higher to conceal items or lower to offer more cargo volume. A low-cut opening makes loading easy. The rear seatbacks split 60/40 and fold forward, expanding the cargo area into the cabin giving up to 1393 litres (VDA) of space.

Rear USB charger

Rear passengers can charge their electrical devices via the USB charger mounted at the back of the centre console.

Available from EX and above.

Electrochromic rearview mirror

In low lighting conditions, the rearview mirror can dim the glare from the headlights of vehicles behind you.

Available from LX plus and above

Auto temperature control

The full auto temperature control system lets the driver and front passenger select their desired temperature and fan speed, and then maintains these settings.

Available on EX and above

Manual air conditioning

The manual air conditioning switches are easy to figure out and operate, allowing you to adjust the temperature and airflow quickly with minimal distraction so that you can concentrate on driving.

Available in LX and LX Plus

Electronic parking brake

Apply the parking brake simply by pulling a button and without worrying about whether it's properly engaged or not.

Available from LX Plus and above

Heated and ventilated seats

3 stage heated and ventilated keep the driver and front passenger warm during the winter and cool during the summer heat. 

Available on Limited models

Steering wheel controls

Remote controls let you select radio stations and adjust volume without removing your hands from the steering wheel to let you remain focused on the road ahead.

Signature design that catches every eye

Athletic contours make Seltos look like it’s ready to pounce. Refined details hint at a calm intelligence. The striking signature LED daytime running lights are available in EX models and above.

Projector headlights and DRL

Traditional bulb-type headlamps offer a warm glow and cast a focused beam. The round beam pattern gives the Seltos a familiar and classic appearance on the road at night.

Available on LX  and LX Plus models

Projector headlights with LED DRL

To complement the glowing beams of traditional bulb-type headlamps, energy-efficient LED daytime running lamps (DRLs) offer quick illumination and a consistently bright beam, along with remarkable durability.

Available on EX models

LED headlights and DRL

Energy-efficient LED headlamps combine the benefits of longevity and immediate, consistent illumination for a clearer view of the road at night.

Available on Limited models

16 inch alloy wheels

Available on LX and LX Plus models. 

17 inch alloy wheels

Available on EX models. 

18 inch alloy wheels

Available on Limited models. 

Sound & colour

The Seltos is packed with the latest technology to transform your driving experience.

10.25" colour LCD touchscreen

The 10.25" colour LCD touchscreen with split-screen function allows you to choose audio sources, tune in to radio stations, and adjust audio quality to taste by using convenient controls mounted on the steering wheel.

Available from LX Plus and above

Head-up display

The head-up display projects an image equivalent to an 8" screen ahead of the windshield, letting you monitor speed, range, cruise control, and other data, without looking away
from the road.

Available in Limited models 

BOSE® premium sound system

This remarkable 8-speaker BOSE® sound system employs four door-mounted speakers, a centre speaker, two door-mounted tweeters, and a separate subwoofer, all powered by an external amplifier.

Available in Limited models 

Smart cruise control

Smart cruise control lets you choose a preferred speed to give your foot a rest on the open road and adjust the speed if there's a slower vehicle ahead.  Lightly tapping the brakes, or pressing the cancel button, will restore Seltos to manual acceleration mode.

Available from LX Plus and above

Multi-connection Bluetooth®

The multi-connection Bluetooth® allows 2 compatible phones to be connected at the same time. So a passenger can control the music from their phone without having to disconnect the driver's phone.

Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™

Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone or Android while you're on the go. With a simple and intuitive interface, integrated into your vehicles infotainment unit, it's designed to minimise distraction so that you can stay focused on the road.

Mood lighting

Door surfaces glow in with 6 different theme or 8 different soothing colours that can change at regular intervals or pulsate in sync
with your music.

Available on Limited models

Wireless phone charging

Charge your compatible smartphone without the cables. The centre console tray will let your phone charge and will alert you when you leave the vehicle and leave your phone behind. The charger will be shut off if it detects your phone is getting too hot. 

Available on Limited models 

Seltos touchscreen

A note for customers on the Seltos touchscreen manual supplied within the owners manual wallet. This manual is supplementary only, the full operating manual is contained electronically within the head unit itself under the "settings" section (see image above)  

Alternatively you can reference the QR code within the supplementary manual or simply click the link here to view. 

An all-round performer

Now you can go further thanks to enhanced fuel efficiency while reveling in the delight of greater control of your driving experience, regardless of the road or weather conditions.

Intelligent Variable Transmission (IVT)

 The IVT is designed to improve on traditional Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT), with its adaptive style shift logic for smoother, more linear acceleration with better transmission efficiency, and most importantly better fuel economy.

2.0L DOHC MPi D-CVVT Petrol

Paired with the IVT the 2.0L MPi engine produces 110kW @ 6,200 rpm of power and 180Nm @ 4,300 rpm of torque.

7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission

Kia’s Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) is derived from a manual transmission and gives you the convenience of smooth automatic gear changes whilst retaining the fuel economy benefits associated with a manual transmission.

1.6L DOHC T-GDi D-CVVT Petrol

Matched with the 7 speed Dual Clutch transmission the 1.6L turbo produces 130kW @ 6,000 rpm of power and 265Nm @ 1,500 - 4,500 rpm of torque.