5-star ANCAP Safety

The Rio comes with more Advanced High Strength Steel than ever. The increased rigidity of its reinforced chassis not only provide greater safety through heightened collision performance but also improves stability, handling, road noise and vibrations. All versions of the Rio have been achieved the 2017 5-star ANCAP rating. 

Straight Line Stability

Straight Line Stability senses any difference in applied pressure and adjusts if necessary to maintain stability when you're braking in a straight path. 

Electronic Stability Control

ESC incorporates a number of systems to provide improved braking and handling on wet, slippery and rough roads.

Reverse warning sensors

When reversing a 3 stage alert sounds if you're getting too close to other cars or other objects. Great for squeezing into those tight parking spots. 

Reversing camera

See what's behind you with the Rio's reversing camera. Dynamic guidelines will indicate where you're going and will react as you turn the steering wheel.


Hill start assistance

Don't worry about tricky hill starts anymore. Rio has hill start assist (HAC) which helps stop the vehicle rolling backwards when taking off from a set of lights or exiting a parking spot on a hill. 

6 airbags

The all new Rio has 6 airbags to protect you and your passengers. There are 2 airbags for the front passenger and driver and dual curtain airbags that run the length of the passenger cabin to protect occupants in the rear seats.

Features that enhance the driving experience

Every feature of the Rio has been designed for you to enjoy the drive no matter when or where you’re headed.

Telescopic steering wheel

The Rio's steering wheel can be adjusted up, down, forward and back so you can find a position that feels just right. 

Rain sensing wipers

The Rio will sense when raindrops hits the windscreen and activates the wipers accordingly. The system will also adjust the speed of the wipers the heavier the rain becomes. 

Auto defog system

A sensor detects mist on the front windscreen and automatically activates the fans to de-mist the screen.

Electrochromic mirror

No more annoying headlights in your rear view mirror. The electrochomic mirror in the Rio automatically dulls the glare from headlights behind you.

Smart Key

Leave your key in your pocket or bag and simply touch a button on the door handle to lock or unlock the Rio. The Smart Key also allows you to start your engine with the push of a button when the key is detected inside the car.

Center console

Keep your personal items out of sight with the center console, its big enough to fit those important items that you need in the car. 

Split folding rear seats

Super handy when you need to cart around those oversize items, the rear seats in the Rio fold down to give you 980 liters (VDA) of space.

All charged up

You and your passengers can keep all your devices fully charged with USB chargers in the front and rear of the Rio. 

Keep warm . . . or cool

Cold winter mornings or hot summer days the Rio's climate control can keep your vehicle at just the right temperature for you.

A car you can be proud to drive

With its head turning looks and attention grabbing detail, each and every detail has been thoughtfully redesigned to enhance the award winning style Rio is known for.

Smart cornering lights

These activate in low speed turns and shine additional light at your intended direction depending on the steering angle.

LED rear tail lights

LED tail lights boost your presence at night from the rear, ensuring your position on the road is visible.

LED Side indicators

The outside mirrors feature seamlessly integrated turn-signal indicators.

Daytime running lights

Stand out while you're on the road with distinctive LED daytime running lights. These DRLs will come on automatically when the hand brake is released and add to the good looks of Rio. 

Bi function projector head lights

These aren't your standard headlights, the specially designed projector blub does the job of two; providing light for both the low and high beam function

Heated and folding side mirrors

The side mirrors are heated to remove condensation on those winter mornings. They also fold away when you're parking on the street or if you're just in a tight spot. 

Rear spoiler

It's not just there for good looks, the rear spoiler helps improve the Rio's aerodynamics and performance. 

Fog lights

For when the weather gets misty or  just a little foggy you can activate the fog lights. The Rio's fog lights have a wide and flat beam pattern that helps reduce the amount of light being reflected off the fog. 

Front grill

The front grill adds to the striking looks of the new Rio. It's also designed to improve aerodynamics and airflow through to the engine bay.

Technology within arms reach

The world is only one touch away when you start up the Rio and its infotainment unit. The 8" touchscreen is the hub of the vehicle and allows you to simply access your favourite station, satellite navigation, bluetooth hands free. 

Android Auto

Android Auto connect the Rio's infotainment system with an Android smartphone. Some of your apps will work through the simple and intuitive interface. It's designed to minimise distraction so that you can stay focused on the road ahead. 

Apple CarPlay

CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in your new Rio. CarPlay takes certain apps on your iPhone and puts them on the Rio's infotainment display.

Satellite navigation

Even if you're sure you know the way, set the navigation system  to help you get to your destination faster. The quintessential travel companion combining navigation, trip information and traffic avoidance if you're in one of the busy NZ cities. 

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth allows you to connect your smartphone, allowing you to answer and end calls hands-free and play music from your favourite playlist. 

Cruise control

Set the speed you want to travel at and the Rio will maintain it. Great for those long open road journeys or your daily commute on the motorway. 

8" touch screen audio

Play your anthem with the 8" touchscreen audio system, paired with 6 speakers throughout the new Rio.

Powerful yet gentle

The Rio has two engine options, a 1.4 L petrol engine and in the GT Line, a 3 cylinder, 1.0L Turbo petrol engine. 

1.4L DOHC CVVT petrol engine

Max. power 74kW @ 6,000rpm
Max. torque 133Nm @ 4,000rpm

6-speed automatic transmission.

A smooth shifting 6-speed automatic transmission shifts the engine's torque. 


6-speed manual transmission

An efficient manual transmission offers quick shifts and gear ratios selected to fit the engines torque curve. 

7-speed DCT

Dual-clutch transmissions (DCT) combine the advantages of both automatic and manual gearboxes, offering sportier driving and reduced fuel consumption compared to traditional transmissions.