Protect your family on every journey

The all new Carnival boasts a comprehensive suite of Kia’s most advanced safety technology.

Forward Collision Avoidance Assist (FCA)

Forward Collision Avoidance Assist (FCA) uses the front view camera and front radar to detect vehicles, pedestrians & cyclists in front of the vehicle. If it detects a possible collision the system warns the driver with audio & visual alerts and automatically engages the brakes to help prevent or minimise the effects of collision.

Junction Assist detects oncoming cars when turning right at an intersection and applies the brakes if detecting a possible collision.

Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC)

Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC) maintains the set speed specified by the driver while maintaining a safe distance from a vehicle in front if present. ASCC will require driver intervention if the vehicle in front is stationary for more than 3 seconds.

Surround View Monitor

Using 4 cameras installed around the vehicle, the Surround View Monitor activates when reversing to provide a 360° view around the Carnival for easy parking.

*Surround View Monitor available on Deluxe, Premium and Water HEV grades. Rear view camera available on all grades.

Lane Following Assist (LFA)

Lane Following Assist (LFA) identifies the Carnival's current lane and the lane boundaries using its front view camera and automatically assists with steering the vehicle to keep it in the middle of the lane whenever it detects that the vehicle is unintentionally veering out of the current lane.

The ultimate environment for family travel

Carnival features a modern, stylish and roomy cabin finished with premium materials and high-tech connectivity.
Overseas model interior shown.

Panoramic Display

The impressive new 12.3" LCD touchscreen infotainment and navigation system features split screen function and user-friendly interface, allowing you to pinch, zoom, swipe and customise your screen.

*12.3" infotainment display available on all grades. Driver cluster: 4.2" available on EX, and 12.3" available on Deluxe, Premium and Water HEV.

Power Driver’s Seat with Lumbar Support

Air Cell Lumbar Support for the 10- or 12-way power driver’s seat lets you reposition areas of resistance in the seatback, up-and-down and side-to-side, for maximum comfort and support. *EX Models have a 6-way Manual Driver Seat incl. Height adjust (Pumping Device))

One-Touch Open/Close Power Doors & Tailgate

The smart power-sliding rear doors and tailgate can be opened and closed automatically when the key fob is held nearby for three seconds.

*Only available on Deluxe, Premium and Water HEV. Standard Power rear doors available on EX.

Cargo Capacity

All Carnival models feature eight seats, giving you numerous seating and cargo combinations for a perfect balance of passenger comfort and practicality, and providing up to 2,827 litres of space with the second and third row seats folded down.

*Overseas Model Shown. Tan interior not available.

Heads Up Display (HUD)

Keep your eyes on the road with the colour head up display projecting driving information within your field of view. The system displays alerts from the car’s numerous driver assistance technologies, details of vehicle speed, and turn-by-turn navigation instructions.

*HUD only available on Premium and Water HEV.